1.  Поздравления с Днем Рождения!

2. Поздравления с Новым Годом!

1.Happy Birthday!

2.Happy New Year! 


 On our site you'll find a lot of congratulations!

   Существует множество способов поздравить человека со значимым для него событием. Принимать теплые слова в теплой и  веселой форме всегда приятно!

        На нашем сайте вы найдете много поздравлений! 

  There are many ways to congratulate a person with  event  . 

      Friends always want something special to surprise, and You can proving   the importance of these people for you.
     To celebrate the birthday You  should show imagination . Unfortunately, birthday only once a year and on this day the birthday boy should not feel lonely !
     Enamored   can congratulate  each  other  with     the  help  of  beautiful  poems  that  you  can  find  on  this  site.   Warm wishes words will live in the heart of loved ones.
    Congratulation on the anniversary differ pomp and certainly should emphasize the importance of hero for the day. On this day, all want hear many good words in your address and we will help you leave a lasting impression !
    Definitely worth a look at our site if you are invited to the wedding. Here you will find many original ideas on how  to  surprise  the newlyweds and guests please. You should take care that the text of the invitation were original and memorable. Unusual  should be congratulated with a silver and gold wedding. 
    On our site you can find and universal greetings, suitable for every occasion . Special Greetings  for  friends , mothers, sisters , daughters  . Wishes in verse or prose adorn anniversary or housewarming, and hero of the  occasion  will  be flattered attentions. 
   Wonderful    day   -New    Year    and    Christmas -  do not be left  without  your  attention, and many  variety of congratulations with this magical holiday  You can find here!